How To Make Money From AdMob

How To Make Money Through AdMob

Surely you are the bloggers already familiar with the name of GA or Google Adsense. Google Adsense is an advertising service owned by Google as an advertising agency and bloggers as ad publishers. Google Adsense is very promising, many thousands of bloggers who have been successful thanks to this Google Adsense. Many of those who earn millions, just work as a blogger writer.
But do you know Google also has other advertising services. In addition to Google Adsense has another advertising service called Google AdMob. Did you know what Google Google AdMob is?
For application developers android may already be very familiar with Google AdMob this. Google AdMob is a service that is actually similar to Google Adsense, but the difference is that this ad is specific to app developer publishers on Android.
In the past Google I / O announcement, AdMob provided info that there are about 1 Million apps already enrolling AdMob to the app. This shows really very promising earnings from this AdMob.
Do you know how much revenue Google has paid to AdMob developers today? Google already pays about 3.5 Billion Dollars for AdMob developer earnings. Can you earn the income? Of course you can, you can also take part in making money through this AdMob of course.
Even at the Google I / O announcement yesterday, Google has also been rebuilding this AdMob platform from zero lhoo .. For the success of this service. Google also updates the AdMob look so it is very user friendly.
Then how to make money through this AdMob? Relax Tekno Blogger 2018 will share how to earn money through AdMob. Watch the following steps carefully.

Google Adsense Display Interface.

Here's How To Get Money Through AdMob
How to Make Money Through AdMob is a little different than through Adsense. Through Adsense we just need to create an interesting content on the blog and make visitors coming to the blog. As for AdMob we need to fight hard first make a mobile app on android.
How To Make Money Through AdMob
First, create an exciting and highly innovative app and publish it to Google PlayStore. You do not need to create a difficult app, for beginners you just need to create a game application, a simple guide in the application that if useful to the community. Suppose you can create a mealtime reminder on Android. It's very simple is not it? But precisely these applications bring many benefits to the community. That way your app will be interesting to download and use.
Secondly, optimize your application by introducing to the crowd. The second way is very decisive success of your application in order to enter the market. You need a special strategy in marketing it. Try first you introduce to the people around you, the rest you can ask for their help to share to friends again so that the application will be famous and widely used in the community.
Third, when your application has started to be known then you can register AdMob to install to your application. Similarly Adsense, AdMob will show ads on your android app. That way you can make money while working is not it?
How To Register Apps To Google AdMob
Registering your apps to Google AdMob is easy. You just need Google credentials account. After that you just register your application to AdMob website.
Here are the steps:

1. Visit the AdMob website at Sign in using your Google credentials.
2. Click the "Add your first app" button.
3. Click the "Android App" button.
4. Enter your Android Market application information, including the Market URL for the application with its name and description, into the field provided. Click "Continue" button when finished.
5. Copy the provided code, then paste it into the Android app's source code to apply AdMob in your app.
6. Publish your application back to Android Market. Users who update your app or download it now will show AdMob ads. Depending on the number of downloads you get and the number of ad impressions your users show, you can earn decent money using AdMob for Android apps.

Application Optimization
The last tip is when you've managed to earn income in AdMob, it is your initial success. When you are successful like that then there is a next step that is necessary and very important you do to keep that success. Because keeping the success is much more difficult than making that success. You need an application optimization name. What is App Optimization?
App optimization is an attempt to optimize your app on the market. When your application is well known on Android platform, of course you can make your application for other platform. For example iOS, you can market your app in AppStore meperkenalkannya to Apple users with so the application will be more famous and of course the purpose to make money while working is very promising.
Here's the Application Optimization you can do.

Always Fix Apps Against Existing Bugs.
Because most applications today many in leave its users. Why? Because the application is famous in the early days, when the famous lazy developers to optimize the bugs that exist so users feel the application developers are not very serious in building applications.

Update Update Application always
By updating and always innovating on your existing app. That will make your application always used and interest your own user of course. Users see that developers are serious about managing their apps. That way users will also always download and follow the update of your existing applications.
That's a bit about earning money through AdMob.

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