How To Start How To Start Affiliate Marketing For Beginners Marketing For Beginners

How To Start Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

If you have been looking for ways to make money from the internet since some time ago, chances are you have heard of "affiliate marketing" as one way to earn money from the internet.
Affiliate marketing can simply be defined as a profit sharing scheme for each sale that comes from the promotion of the marketer / marketer in question. The profit sharing provided by the seller or the owner of the product is a commission which may be a fixed value or a percentage of the buyer's transaction value.

Many people are spectacular and do not believe in affiliate marketing as one way to earn money on the internet that is honest, sustainable and can deliver significant amounts. These assumptions are wrong, affiliate marketing is one way to earn money with the internet honestly and can provide a great income.

Pat Flynn is one example of a very successful affiliate marketing practitioner. Over the years Pat Flynn has earned tens of thousands of United States dollars each month with affiliate marketing that prioritizes transparency and honesty. In April 2017 alone, it can generate about USD 71,000 from affiliate marketing.

Before you start learning how to start affiliate marketing for beginners, first let us get to know more about how affiliate marketing works, and from where you can make money from affiliate marketing.



From the definition can be drawn picture that there are 3 parties involved in an affiliate marketing process. The first party to have a product for sale is called a Merchant / Vendor. The second party who do promotion to get the buyer commonly referred to as Affiliate. and third parties who purchase products promoted by Affiliate are referred to as Consumer / Buyer.

Beyond these three parties, in some cases there is a fourth party called Network that connects between the Merchant and the Affiliate. The network provides various products from various Merchants to be promoted by affiliates who are members of the Network.

In the affiliate marketing process as described above, in essence how affiliate marketing can work can be simplified to be as follows:

Merchants benefit from Consumer purchases derived from Affiliate promotions;
Affiliate receives a commission from the profits earned by the Merchant;
Consumer get quality products that they know from the promotion of an affiliate.

From that process the consumer is not charged any additional fees. The added value of Affiliates lies in their role in introducing useful Merchant products to Consumer.

Although making money from affiliate marketing is generally done by taking the role as a Merchant or Affiliate but in this article will be discussed is how to start affiliate marketing for beginners. Where for a beginner to Affiliate is much cheaper than being a Merchant because to become an Affiliate you do not need to develop your own products to make money.

After knowing the terms commonly used in affiliate marketing and the basis of how affiliate marketing works, it is time to get into the main part of the article how to start affiliate marketing for beginners.

Steps to Begin Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

1. Define Your Theme / Field
To start affiliate marketing as an affiliate, you need to determine in advance what theme or specific areas will be your focus.

Why do you need to choose a specific theme or field? you need to choose a theme or a specific field so you can attract specific traffic (visitors).

Traffic that is specific in large numbers in the end become one of the determinants of success in becoming an affiliate.

Choose a theme or field that matches your interests or that makes you excited to learn it. Affiliate marketing is not a way to get rich quickly. You need to learn, learn, and learn about affiliate marketing and the themes you will be discussing.

Therefore, you will be easier to do the necessary work and avoid boredom before affiliate marketing can provide enough income.

2. Finding the appropriate Affiliate Program
Once you have determined the theme that suits your interests, then you need to find out whether there is an affiliate program that relates to the theme you choose.

If you intend to do affiliate marketing in English then whatever theme you choose there is likely to be a product or service related to your theme. Therefore if you intend to do affiliate marketing in English you can skip this section.

For local affiliate marketing, you better make sure first whether there is a product that you can promote by searching on Google by entering the keyword "theme" and "affiliate".

3. Creating Affiliate Website
The next step to start affilate marketing is to create your affiliate website. To create a serious affiliate website you need to buy hosting and domain for your website.

If you are serious about making money from affiliate marketing do not use the website and free domain for your affilate website.

Why? using a website and a free domain means you do not have complete control of your website. Websites and free domains can also be an indication of the low authority you have in the field, so it will be more difficult to gain the trust of your website readers.

Having your own website is the basis of affiliate marketing because although your affiliate links can be embedded through your social media or email, but it is very unlikely that someone made a purchase just because reading social media posts or get an email from you.

By creating your own website you can provide more complete information of the products you promote, build long-term relationships with readers and implement affiliate marketing strategies better.

4. Join In Affiliate Program
Once you have finished creating the website, it's time to join the affiliate program that matches your theme. Does your theme make it possible to promote a physical product? or your theme can only promote digital products?

As the following references below some list of Merchants or Networks that open affiliate programs:

Affiliate Global Program
Amazon Associate affiliate program, offers millions of product choices for you to promote. Giving a commission between 4% -10% depending on the product category.

CJ Affililiate
One of the oldest and largest affiliate networks in the world. CJ Affiliate has more than 3000 Merchants and almost all major retailer brands have affiliate programs in CJ Affiliate. CJ Affiliate offers an affiliate program for physical products and digital products.

Shareasale is one of the largest network affiliate in the world with more than 4000 Merchant partners, of which over 1000 are exclusive partners so you will not find the affiliate program anywhere else.

The world's largest affiliate marketing marketplace for digital products has sold more than 500 million digital products. Clickbank digital products provide a large commission of up to 70% of the transaction value. Affiliate is one of the big players in the travel industry that opens the affiliate program. If you have a travel related theme, the affiliate program may be your choice

After you join the appropriate affiliate program, log into your member account, find the affiliate offer for the product you want to promote and the affiliate link provided to the product into notepad. You will need the link for the next step.

5. Creating Related Articles or Content
Now that you have a website and have a product to promote, it's time to create an article or content related to the product. Creating content is the core and most important part of affiliate marketing, good and interesting content is the key factor that determines your success in affiliate marketing.

The content you create for affiliate marketing can be articles, podcasts, videos or pictures. However articles are the most common form of content created and used for affiliate marketing.

The form of content or articles for affiliate marketing generally takes the following forms:

a. Product Reviews
Content product reviews are the gold standard of affiliate marketing that is effective in driving conversion from reader to buyer.

In providing a product review write down your personal experience (or your close ones) in using the product. Highlight the advantages of the product and show the weakness of the product. Write an honest review and position yourself as a reader looking for the right product. It is very important to enable your content to be 'relevant' to what your readers are looking for.

At the end of the product review you created, create a call to action box to purchase the product with an affiliate link to the product to encourage interested buyers to use the product.

b. Product Comparison
If the product you are promoting has products from other companies then creating content about the product comparison you promote with other products can be good affiliate marketing content.

Making product comparison is one of the prospective buyer's further research stages of product selection on the market. By providing this content you can attract visitors who are really ready to buy so that the conversion rate of visitors to this content is relatively higher than the usual review.

c. Informative Articles / Resources
Informative articles such as tips and tricks, tutorials and in-depth articles to learn related skills are a form of durable article called "Evergreen". Content with the shape is called evergreen because it is always green and fresh, such content requires only a less frequent update.

On the other hand informative articles are a reference for customers who need certain products to develop their skills, skills, knowledge, health or finance.

In articles that discuss tips and tricks, tutorials, or development you can insert affiliate links to the products you mention in the article. You can also create Resources pages that display products that are useful to your readers.

One of the best examples of this website is the Smartpassiveincome created by Pat Flyn. The Resources page of Pat Flynn displays useful products for starting and growing an online business, based on different readers' business levels ranging from beginners to experienced to advanced.

6. Attract Website Content Readers
Having a large and targeted website readers is the key to success from affiliate marketing. But to achieve such a large amount of business is required not less. You need to promote the content you have created so that people can find your website.

So how do I attract readers to a completely new website? here are some ideas for you:

a. Social Media Promotion
The free and easiest way to get started is through social media. Depending on who you want to attract to your readers you can use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or Google+ as a promotional tool.

b. write guest articles on blogs with high traffic
Writing guest articles is another way for your website to be recognized by others. By writing guest articles, readers of interested high-traffic blogs can get to know who you are and thereby help you build a reputation as someone who can be trusted for the topic.

c. create an email list
Almost all successful affiliate marketers have an enormous email list. Why? email promotion is one of the most effective ways to build relationships with your readers.
By building a close relationship with your readers, even though they did not initially need the product when they found your website but there is a chance they will need the product in the future. Email list is a good way to keep these opportunities.

c. Implement SEO
Traffic from organic search is an important source of traffic for every website. Traffic from organic search in addition to free also reliable for long term. When creating content be sure to put forward the reader's convenience, while still applying important SEO basics.

After you complete the steps on how to start affiliate marketing for beginners above, continue to hone your skills by continuing to learn. Especially to make the content more good and quality, and increase your website readers.

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